C&P: Good Practice in Procurement

Practical information about good practice in procurement relating to the contracting of social care support in Scotland.

The Independent Review of Adult Social Care recommended the need for an end to price based competition and competitive tendering, and a move to more outcomes based, person centred, sustainable contracts:

‘an end to the emphasis on price and competition and to see the establishment of a more collaborative, participative and ethical commissioning framework for adult social care services and supports, squarely focused on achieving better outcomes for people using these services and improving the experience of the staff delivering them. By shifting emphasis in this way we believe Scotland can deliver social care supports more fairly and more sustainably.’

CCPS commissioned law firm MacRoberts LLP to produce practical guides to procurement legislation and regulations relating to the contracting of social care support in Scotland.

These resources are practical guides to help support public authorities with implementing alternatives to competition, greater collaboration with support providers and supported people, taking a light touch approach to procurement for social care contracts and a shift to implementing more flexible, outcomes based contracts.

Scottish Government have published the following procurement guides for Social Care: