The Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum

The Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum (CJVSF) is a collaboration of voluntary sector organisations working in criminal justice in Scotland.

Latest News

    CJVSF National Policy Engagement
    Our role involves working with relevant partners and stakeholders to help them engage with third sector organisations directly, responding to consultations and calls for evidence and participating in relevant meetings and working groups.
    Third Sector Engagement with Local Community Justice Partnerships
    “The third sector plays an important role in improving community justice outcomes. They are a source of innovation, responsiveness and flexibility, and can provide a meaningful connection to otherwise hard-to-reach service users and communities.” (National Strategy for Community Justice)
    Strengthening Third Sector Engagement with Prisons
    Third sector organisations deliver a range of support and services in prisons as well as to people in the community before they enter and after they return from prison.

CJVSF Members

The organisations that are currently members of the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum.