About CCPS

CCPS is the Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland.

We are the voice of not-for-profit social care providers in Scotland.

Our vision is for individuals and families to thrive through a rights and relationship-based care and support system.

We have over 90 provider organisations in our membership with remits spanning care and support for children, young people and families; disabled people; older people; people with learning disabilities; people in the justice system; people experiencing homelessness, and more. Our members work in every local authority area in Scotland.

CCPS also hosts the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum and the Housing Support Enabling Unit.Our mission is to identify, represent, promote and safeguard the interests of third sector and not-for-profit social care and support providers in Scotland, so that they can maximise the impact they have on meeting social need.

For more information on the work of CCPS, please take a look at our latest  Report and Financial Statements.

CCPS exists to:

  • Champion quality care and support provided by the third sector
  • Challenge policy and practice that inhibits or undermines the sector’s ability to provide quality care and support
  • Prepare providers for future challenges and opportunities
  • Support providers to understand, negotiate and influence the complex policy and practice environment in which they operate.


CCPS membership comprises over 90 of the most substantial care and support providers in Scotland’s third sector, providing high quality support in the areas of community care for adults with disabilities and for older people,  youth and criminal justice, addictions, homelessness, and children’s services and family support.

The combined membership of CCPS:

  • Supports over 220,000 people and their families
  • Managed a total annual income in 2020-21 of £1.4 billion, of which an average of 70% per organisation relates to publicly funded service provision.
  • Employs approximately 40,000 staff
  • Mobilises the support of approximately 5,000 volunteers in providing services
  • Works in all 32 of Scotland’s council areas, with many members also providing services elsewhere in the UK and internationally

CCPS members provide support for a wide range of people with diverse needs, including older people; children, young people and families; disabled people; people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, physical dementia, sensory impairment, complex disabilities, acquired brain or spinal injury, epilepsy, and drug and alcohol problems; people with convictions; and survivors of domestic violence.

Our mission is to identify, represent, promote and safeguard the interests of third sector and not-for-profit social care and support providers in Scotland

CCPS members provide a variety of high quality, personalised models of support, including supported living, care at home, housing support, supported accommodation, care home services, day opportunities, supported training and employment, short breaks, outreach, information and advice, leisure activities, advocacy, counselling, befriending, support groups, therapeutic services and support for family carers.

All the members of CCPS are non-profit distributing organisations, accountable to independent boards of trustees who offer their individual time and expertise purely on a voluntary basis. In addition, the majority of members recruit volunteers to assist in administration or service delivery. Many members are actively involved in policy development and campaigning, with more than a third employing policy staff at a senior level.

Membership Benefits

CCPS also works in partnership with local provider forums and alliances.

CCPS is a member of EASPD, the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with a Disability. We are also members of SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations).

CCPS is a limited company, registered in Scotland under the company number SC279913 and recognised as a Scottish Charity by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator as charity number SCO 29199.