Digital: Workforce Wellbeing

CPPS Digital: Care and Support Innovation through COVID-19

Take a look at our brand new podcast series, CCPS Digital: Care and Support Innovation through Covid-19, to hear about the workforce wellbeing innovations CCPS members have made this year, as well as the Scottish Government’s new National Wellbeing Hub (find out more at

Episode 1 features Katherine Wainwright, Director of People and Culture at Scottish Autism, talking about the importance of worker wellbeing and the development of the National Wellbeing Hub (approx 14 mins)

Episode 2 features Dr Claire Fyvie, NHS psychologist, talking about why worker wellbeing is so important during this pandemic and how the National Wellbeing Hub can help (approx 11 mins)

Episode 3 features Tracey McFall, Chief Executive of Partners in Advocacy, talking about how they have used digital to support their staff during the pandemic and integrated this into their strategic thinking (approx 23 mins)

Episode 4 features Pauline Cavanaugh, Advocacy Manager at Partners in Advocacy, talking about involving staff and the practical steps taken to encourage staff creativity, wellbeing and learning using digital tools (approx 17 mins)

Episode 5 features Linda Tuthill, Chief Executive and Jennifer Dow, Development Manager, from the Action Group, talking about their experience and practical measures taken to create a culture that embraces digital and the wellbeing benefits that have accrued (approx 19 mins)