CCPS Submission to Independent Review of Social Care

CCPS has put in a comprehensive submission to the Independent Review of Social Care.

CCPS - Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland

The submission, drafted collaboratively with the CCPS membership, sets out our shared understanding of what “adult social care” means, conceptually and in practice; outlines our shared agenda for resetting the system so that third sector organisations can give greater expression to its core mission of supporting good lives; and addresses the key areas of focus identified by the review including human rights, regulation and the social care workforce.

The Chair of the Review, Derek Feeley, will be attending our next membership meeting on 10 December and we will seek to engage with him and the advisory panel on the detail of our submission prior to that.

You can view the CCPS submission hereWe welcome comments and feedback: please contact

The review website can be accessed here.