“Our new priorities will define how we tune our collective voice for the next 18 months”

Rachel Cackett marks 25 years since CCPS became a registered charity – and says that continuing to be a successful membership body means being creative, focused and holding on to hope

We are the organisation we are today because for over a quarter of a century we have built on the strength and passion of our membership and our staff. I’d like to thank all those who have made CCPS – past and present – and a particular shout-out to the legendary CCPS powerhouse and rockstar, our former CEO Annie-Gunner Logan.

But in the here and now, times are tough for our members, for the people they support, for CCPS. Already in the last 18 months we have had to pivot this organisation from Covid crisis response to a sustainability crisis response to address the reality our members face. It’s not always been a comfortable ride.

Lurching from crisis to crisis without seeing the hope is not a place for any of us to effect good change. It’s been time to take stock.

For the last year we have been working with our members, our stakeholders, and our staff to hear how CCPS can best support our membership and change social care and support for the better. What you want of us, where we can have biggest impact, how we can rekindle hope.

Given that we are small team and we are not rich I need us to be incredibly focused and creative. That’s how we will continue to be a successful membership body.

CCPS priorities reflect what we have heard and define how we will tune our collective voice for the next 18 months – a deliberately short time for a song in a tumultuous world.

We will take stock again and refresh our priorities with you before the Holyrood elections where we hope that all parties will present manifestos that demonstrate their commitment to the true value of social care.

Read our Priorities for 2024-25

2024-25 Priorities launched

We will focus our work on persuading decision-makers to ‘Recognise the true value of social care’. Today also sees the introduction of an updated logo and new animation, reflecting human stories and member voice

Today, following extensive engagement with members, stakeholders and staff over the past year, we launch our organisation Priorities for 2024-25.

Read our 2024-25 Priorities

We will be focusing our work on persuading decision-makers to ‘Recognise the true value of social care’, with an emphasis on four key areas:

  • Secure sustainable, equitable investment for not-for-profit providers of social care and support
  • Ensure the reform of social care and support realises people’s human rights
  • Advocate for the expertise of not-for-profit providers in shared planning and decision-making
  • Demonstrate the positive impact of valuing social care on lives and communities.

Rachel Cackett, CEO of CCPS, said:

“As we celebrate 25 years as a registered charity, these new Priorities will continue to build our collective voice moving towards the important point of the 2026 Holyrood elections.

“We look forward to using these Priorities as the framework for all our activities over the next 18 months, on behalf of our membership.”

“We will refresh our Priorities in autumn 2025 to ensure our messages are honed by our members for the greatest possible impact with the next Scottish Government.”

Today also marks a change in CCPS’s communication, with an updated logo emphasising a less corporate and more people-focused style, and an animation restating of our role as the voice of not-for-profit social care providers.

Later this week we’ll be sharing reflections from Board members about the contribution CCPS has made over the past 25 years.