CCPS Business Resilience Surveys

Business Resilience Surveys

The annual CCPS Business Resilience Survey asks for views on general levels of optimism, financial wellbeing,   procurement, workforce and partnership work.  The results are used to help measure the impact of changes in the political and funding environment on respondents and identify trends over time in the wellbeing and sustainability of voluntary sector providers of care and support services.

Sustainability, or rather, a lack of sustainability, has been the unfortunate theme for the 2018 Business Resilience Survey. Organisations that have been cross subsidising, using reserves and unrestricted income to prop up unsustainable services are having to make tough choices about those services. The “club” of providers that have handed back financially unsustainable services has grown to almost 30 organisations – and that only accounts for those who responded to this survey.  This trend is not only disruptive for the organisation and staff but, more importantly, it is disruptive to those people who rely on support.

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Provider Optimism Surveys

Prior to 2015’s newly re-designed Business Resilience Survey, CCPS ran a Provider Optimism Survey twice a year.  Based on the CBI business optimism survey, it was a longitudinal research project designed to track changes in the way that major voluntary sector social care providers view their organisations’ prospects and the environment in which they operate. The new Business Resilience Survey continues to build on this earlier work.

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