Scottish Government Working Groups

CCPS has a seat on the following advisory groups, committees and forums. CCPS representatives report back from these groups to the membership at regular intervals, and interested members are notified via the relevant email group.  CCPS representatives sign up to a representation  protocol (March 2011) indicating that they will convey the views of other members to meetings, so if you have issues that you would like your rep to raise at any of these groups, please contact Nancy Fancott at the CCPS Office.

CCPS has recently revised its representation protocol (see above), to the effect that working groups will be divided into those with strategic priority for CCPS, and those for which CCPS members attend solely as provider voices, i.e. entirely on behalf of their own organisation, and not as a representative of CCPS. Currently the groups listed below are all strategic groups, reflecting current CCPS priorities, with the exception of the SSSC Workforce Data Group: however, the groups will be updated accordingly as new groups are created.