The introduction of the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 and the move towards delivering personalised, outcomes based support has generated an ongoing debate about the way that services and support are currently regulated.

In 2014 Providers and Personalisation launched a research project to better understand the challenges and issues for both support providers and the Care Inspectorate with both the culture shift and whole systems change required for Self-directed Support (SDS).

The aims of the research were:

  • to demonstrate the way that service provision and support is changing and the shift that has already been made towards delivering personalised support
  • to articulate how this change in support and provision fits (or doesn’t fit) with the current regulatory framework
  • to understand the issues and challenges for both providers and the Care Inspectorate in adapting to a system of personalised support and of individuals directing their own support
  • to discuss the challenges of balancing Risk vs Choice in the new world of social care provision
  • to involve providers and the Care Inspectorate in co-producing recommendations and solutions for the way forward

The findings from the research project have been published in this P&P report:

sds-regulation-inspection-report final