Minister’s statement in response to Audit Scotland report


Response to Audit Scotland Report on self-directed support Responding to Audit Scotland’s Self-Directed Support 2017 progress report, published... Read More

Audit Scotland progress report: let’s move from diagnosis to action


Self-directed Support (SDS) gives people greater choice and control over their support. The 2013 Social Care (Self-directed Support),... Read More

Building the SDS Change event 10th October


Join us for this event to celebrate and mark the progress made by the people and organisations who... Read More

SDS Survey of Providers


Heather Melvin from the Care Inspectorate is currently on secondment to the Scottish Government’s Self-directed Support (SDS) and Care... Read More

Fair Work and Personalisation


Last year the P&P programme commissioned research into the enablers and barriers to self-directed support implementation for providers.... Read More

Scottish Government publishes statistics on SDS


The Scottish Government has published statistics on the implementation of self-directed support in Scotland for 2015-2016. Self-directed Support... Read More

Making SDS Happen in Fife 27 June


The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act was passed in 2013 and self-directed support (SDS) should now be... Read More

Guide to SDS and how it applies to different groups and services


Providers and Personalisation (P&P) have published a new guide to Self-directed Support (SDS) about how the Social Care... Read More

Doing Things Differently


Doing Things Differently project - redesign of children's residential services for SDS... Read More

Care Charging, SDS & Debt Recovery


Local authorities can assess individuals who are eligible for essential social care support as being liable to pay... Read More