SDS Change Map


Scottish Government is consulting on its SDS Change Map for the new National Implementation Plan for self-directed support:... Read More

Self-directed Support, Scotland, 2015-16 statistics


This Scottish Government publication reports on the second year of implementation of Self-directed Support (2015-16) in Scotland following... Read More

A short guide to market facilitation


A short guide to market facilitation

COSLA Guidance on Care Charging 2017-18


COSLA has published new guidance for local authorities on charging for non-residential social care services: COSLA Charging Guidance... Read More

P&P Guide to SDS and how it applies to different groups


Providers and Personalisation (P&P) have published a new guide to Self-directed Support (SDS) about how the Social Care... Read More

SDS Implementation Plan 2016-18


This Implementation Plan renews the Scotland’s vision for Self-directed Support and sets out actions to address the current... Read More

Letter Self-directed Support Implementation


Letter from Scottish Government Self-directed Support Policy Team regarding national engagement and implementation of Self-directed Support Letter re... Read More

The benefits of a Resource Allocation System and knowing your budget upfront for SDS


In Control Scotland have published this report about the benefits of the Resource Allocation System (RAS) and knowing... Read More

SDS Policy Team Newsletter


The Scottish Government SDS Policy Team newsletter with their Policy Priorities: SDS Policy Team- Newsletter – July 2015 ... Read More

Care Inspectorate SDS Position Statement


The Care Inspectorate have produced a Position Statement on Self-directed Support (SDS) setting out what they expect from... Read More