P&P Events

Agile Option 2 application


Application to participate in Option 2 Agile Learning Set Agile application form  

Building the SDS Change event – invite to showcase


Application form for voluntary sector providers and SDS funded projects to showcase at the Building the SDS Change... Read More

Defining Your Offer Event Sept 2016


Providers and Personalisation hosted this event on 27 September 2016.   Here are some of the presentations and... Read More

Housing Support and Personalisation Event Report


Providers and Personalisation and the Housing Support Enabling Unit (HSEU) ran this event on housing support and personalisation... Read More

Criminal Justice and Personalisation Event Report


On 23rd February 2016 Providers and Personalisation and the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum hosted an event to... Read More

Criminal Justice & Personalisation Event Next Steps


60 people attended the Providers and Personalisation event on Criminal Justice and Personalisation on 23rd February.  Here are... Read More

User Involvement and SDS Points on Practice


Providers and Personalisation have produced this report following an event exploring  the barriers and solutions to User Involvement... Read More

Doing things differently Application Form


Application form  and Flyer for the Providers and Personalisation Action Learning Sets aimed a voluntary sector support providers... Read More

P&P in numbers 2011-2015


A 1 page graphic summarising P&P activities 2011-2015 PP in numbers 2011-2015

Putting it all together: SDS for Local Authority leaders


On 4th November 2014 P&P ran the annual local authority SDS leads event on behalf of the Scottish... Read More