Option 2 Easy Read contract


P&P worked with the National Involvement Network to co-produce an Easy Read Option 2 contract: Easy Read Agreement... Read More

A short guide to Option 2- policy and practice


A short guide to Option 2- policy and practice

SDS Change Map


Scottish Government is consulting on its SDS Change Map for the new National Implementation Plan for self-directed support:... Read More

Local Area Example of Tensions between Procurement and SDS


P&P have published a report of a local area’s approach to procuring social care. TheĀ  report highlights the... Read More

Agile Option 2 application


Application to participate in Option 2 Agile Learning Set Agile application form  

Building the SDS Change event – invite to showcase


Application form for voluntary sector providers and SDS funded projects to showcase at the Building the SDS Change... Read More

Self-directed Support, Scotland, 2015-16 statistics


This Scottish Government publication reports on the second year of implementation of Self-directed Support (2015-16) in Scotland following... Read More

A short guide to market facilitation


A short guide to market facilitation

COSLA Guidance on Care Charging 2017-18


COSLA has published new guidance for local authorities on charging for non-residential social care services: COSLA Charging Guidance... Read More

P&P Guide to SDS and how it applies to different groups


Providers and Personalisation (P&P) have published a new guide to Self-directed Support (SDS) about how the Social Care... Read More