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Voluntary sector tops the gradings tables according to latest Care Inspectorate report

A report released recently by the Care Inspectorate has revealed that, according to latest data, more than 50% of all care at home services in the voluntary sector achieved grades of very good or excellent for every theme; proportionally higher than for equivalent services run by private and local authority sectors, who achieved very good or excellent grades for only 29% and 24% of their services respectively. The voluntary sector also saw the fewest number of upheld complaints.

CCPS has previously highlighted that voluntary sector care at home services provide the highest quality. Earlier Care Inspectorate data showed that very good and excellent gradings for services in the voluntary sector have increased consistently each year, with care at home service grades increasing from 35% in March 2010 to 47% in March 2013.

The latest Care Inspectorate report highlights that there is room for improvement in care at home services generally, particularly in areas such as high staff turnover, or where there are time pressures in delivering care. However, the report does not appear to analyse the causes behind those issues, nor consider the concern that competitive tendering for social care is still dominated by cost over quality and continued payment of low hourly rates will not usually enable provision of high quality care.