Scottish Government launches new Integrated Care Fund

The Scottish Government has issued guidance relating to a new £100M change fund for adult care and support – the Integrated Care Fund – to support health and social care integration in 2015-16. The new fund builds upon (and in effect, replaces) the Reshaping Care for Older People Change Fund, and relates more broadly to adult care and support services. Click the following links to access the guidance and a covering letter from the Scottish Government.

The guidance is clear that the third sector has a major role to play in relation to the new fund’s focus on “prevention, early intervention and care and support for people with complex and multiple conditions, particularly in those areas where multi-morbidity is common in adults under 65, as well as in older people.” Accordingly, plans for use of the fund are required to be signed off by the third sector locally in each in partnership area. In practice, this is likely to happen through local Third Sector Interfaces (TSI), which have played a similar role in relation to the RCOP Change Fund for the past three years.

CCPS is currently involved in active discussions with the Scottish Government, and with third sector partners the Health and Social Care Alliance and Voluntary Action Scotland (VAS, the national umbrella body for TSIs) about the need for greater support for TSIs to enable them to continue to play this role locally on behalf of the third sector. Partners are aware that not all national care providers are linked in to the TSI network in the local areas where they work, and we are jointly discussing a programme of work to facilitate better connections.

Meanwhile those providers whose services ‘fit the bill’ in terms of the content of the guidance may wish to seek early opportunities for discussion about their potential contribution to this agenda, both with relevant commissioning authorities and with TSIs.