Scottish Government EU Exit Health and Social Care Event

The Scottish Government hosted an event on 28th January 2019 to plan for any disruption to Health and Social Care services in Scotland as a result of the EU Exit.

The event included presentations from Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service and was attended by senior civil servants from across Scottish Government, representatives from health and social care partnerships and the third sector.

Scottish Government officials are carrying out EU Exit planning assumptions and risk assessments and presented a series of possible scenarios resulting from the EU Exit and the resulting impact on different organisations and services within health and social care.

The themes for discussion at the event included:

  • Planning for any increased demand on health and social care services
  • Planning for any shortages in medicine or medical supplies
  • Vulnerable Returners – an increase in UK citizens returning to the UK from other European countries and an increased demand for health and social services
  • Workforce – an increase in EU residents leaving Scotland resulting in staff shortages in health and social care services

Other issues for discussion were:

  • how to carry out effective risk management and business resilience planning
  • the need for individual reporting by local authorities, the NHS and care providers about any disruption to services resulting from the EU Exit
  • how Scottish Government will ensure that there is effective ongoing communication with various partners


Scottish Government are planning another event aimed specifically at third sector providers and CCPS will publicise this as soon as further information becomes available.