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Living Wage deal welcomed

CCPS has warmly welcomed today’s announcement by Jeanne Freeman MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport, that agreement has been reached with COSLA on a funding package that will enable CCPS members to pay their care & support workers a minimum of £9.30, for all hours worked, with effect from the first of this month.

Annie Gunner Logan, CCPS Chief Executive, said:

“We are delighted that the Cabinet Secretary and her colleagues in COSLA have taken this step and we offer them our sincere thanks. This national deal means that care providers should now be able to implement the pay rise swiftly right across Scotland, instead of entering into months of multiple complex local negotiations. This will lift a significant bureaucratic burden from them at a time when all their energies are rightly focused on responding to the challenge of Covid-19.

“Most importantly, it will put extra cash into the pockets of this highly valued – but often overlooked – workforce. We’ve been very pleased to work alongside Scottish Government and COSLA on this agreement, with valuable support from our third sector colleagues at SCVO.”