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Latest CCPS survey reflects marked decline in provider optimism

CCPS has published the twelfth of its Service Provider Optimism surveys, a longitudinal study which enables CCPS to gather evidence of the impact that changes within the sector are having on providers.

The Provider Optimism Survey Winter 2014-15 shows a marked decline in providers’ levels of optimism about the general business situation as compared with the previous survey results. 40% of report they are less optimistic, compared with 20% in the summer of 2014. There appears to be an increase in the proportion of services running at a deficit and nearly 40% of respondents anticipate an overall reduction in reserves in this financial year. Results also highlight growing workforce challenges, with 35% anticipating increased difficulty with recruitment and retention of staff in the next 6 month period, a doubling of the figure from the last survey. The full report is available here.