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Latest CCPS Provider Optimism Survey reflects high levels of uncertainty and impact of funding cuts

CCPS has published the eleventh of its Service Provider Optimism surveys, a longitudinal study which enables CCPS to gather evidence of the impact that changes within the sector are having on providers.

The Provider Optimism Survey Summer 2014 shows little sign of a major shift in the levels of optimism, with most providers expressing significant uncertainty in relation to the key features of their operating environment. This reflects the fact that at the time of the survey in the summer, there were (and still are) unprecedented levels of change in the political and policy landscape relevant to care and support providers. The impact of austerity continues to weigh heavily and several providers expressed concern about the post-referendum Scottish Government budget and what it will mean for local authority finances.

Over the six months between December 2013 and June 2014:
• providers’ outlook has been dominated by an increasing sense of uncertainty
• 73% reported experiencing budget cuts by local authorities
• Over 50% reported an increase in numbers employed

One provider summed it up neatly: “We remain unsure about the implementation of various pieces of legislation and how these will be adopted into practice and therefore remain unsure about their impact on us…”