CCPS Survey highlights effect of Spending Review on social care providers

CCPS has now completed a Survey of its members about the impact of the Spending Review and Concordat on social care providers. The survey found that 96% of CCPS members were in receipt of funding from a ring-fenced source in 2007-08 – the largest single source was Supporting People Grant, followed by Mental Health Specific Grant and the Changing Children’s Services Fund. Seventy-four per cent of social care providers report that since the ring-fence was removed in April this year, relevant service budgets are at a standstill; 42% report inflationary uplifts being awarded; and 39% report funding cuts (this adds up to more than 100% because many providers reported different circumstances in relation to different services and different authorities). Half of the providers surveyed said that according to the authorities with which they work, the full impact of ring-fence removal will not take effect until at least 2009.

Elsewhere in the survey, 84% of social care providers have read some or all of the Single Outcome Agreements for the areas in which they work, and 76% think that SOAs will change the way they relate to funding authorities.