CCPS publishes annual business resilience survey

CCPS Business Resilience Survey Report 2018

CCPS has published the results of its annual survey for 2018, monitoring key trends affecting the sustainability of third sector care and support providers in Scotland.  Survey results and focus group sessions confirm the growing trend for care and support providers to withdraw from tenders and hand back financially unsustainable contracts.  More than 50% have withdrawn from or decided not to participate in procurement exercises in the past year; 30% withdrew from one or more contracts; with another 10% actively considering withdrawal.  CCPS has commissioned further research on this trend and will be publishing a more detailed report from the University of Strathclyde in early 2019.

Recruitment and retention continue to present huge challenges, with 90% of respondents reporting a lot or some difficulty with recruitment – a trend that remains largely unchanged since data collection began on this question 4 years ago.  Over 50% of respondents report that the Scottish Living Wage policy has had no positive effect on recruitment.  As in previous surveys, respondents continue to raise concerns about the impact of these challenges on the people they support, especially with regard to people with more complex needs.

You can read the Business Resilience Survey 2018.