CCPS Children’s Committee welcomes Independent Care Review reports

The CCPS Committee on Care and Support for Children and Young People warmly welcomes the publication of the final reports of the Independent Care Review.  The reports call for real change to our care system. In the reports the emphasis on earlier intervention, championing of family support and changes to how services are designed and commissioned are highly valuable.  We fully agree that all children in Scotland should have equal opportunity to thrive through childhood and succeed in adulthood.


The Independent Care Review has fulfilled the commitment made to listen to children, young people and adults with experience of the care system.  The leadership of the Chair, Fiona Duncan, has meant that many groups and people have been heard and included in the review.  This has placed lived experience at the heart of the process, the final reports and the recommendations.


We hope that the publication of the final reports is the start of a process of positive transformational change for children and their families.  We recognise the challenge that this presents to all of us, and accept responsibility to embrace this opportunity to address the challenge in partnership with children and families.


Overall, as a group of service providers, we are determined to implement changes that improve the lives of all our children, now and for the future.   We will collaborate as providers, and work in partnership with local and national government, to help realise the vision and ambition for Scotland’s children set out in the Independent Care Review.  We look forward to fully considering all of the reports and actively engaging in the implementation of the Plan for children and families.