Freedom of Information

The Scottish Government has recently held a consultation on whether the Freedom of Information should be extended in Scotland to organisations that provide services on behalf of the public sector.

Both the SFHA and CCPS have responded to the consultation and have said that there should not be an extension of the Freedom of Information to social care services delivered on behalf of the public sector. Such an extension is deemed to be unworkable in terms of the additional resources that would be required to implement such an extension and unnecessary given the fact that services are subject to regulation in Scotland. The principles of openness and transparency are already embedded in the way that social care services are delivered.

CCPS is seeking to present further information to the Scottish Government about the cost and impact of extending the scope of Freedom of Information in Scotland in terms of salaries, staff time and investment in training. If you can provide further insight about the costs and impact associated with such an extension please contact Oisin Murphy-Lawless by the 10th January 2020.

You can view the consultation document here.