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Cornerstone Gardening and Healthy Eating Project


Cornerstone has been implementing the principles of person-centred planning for over 15 years. In 2012 we devised a new system of recording and monitoring outcomes to assist the people we support to achieve the goals that were important to them. The approach is for the supported person to lead the process of defining the desired outcomes, assisted by a key worker, who knows the individual well. This helps the person set realistic target dates and monthly reviews maintain help to maintain momentum.

We consider, in particular, looking for outcomes in four general areas, although other desired outcomes may emerge. Quite often, multiple outcomes can be achieved by participating in an activity or project:

  • Improved Health
  • Improved Wellbeing
  • Improved Social Inclusion
  • Improved Independence and Responsibly


Cornerstone’s Glasgow Supported Living Services, currently supports 25 men and women across the city. They are aged between 18 and 88 and have both learning and physical disabilities. Individuals are supported in their own tenancies, with support available all year round on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week.

planting the seed
What happened?

In 2012 we introduced an alternative day service, created very much in partnership with the people we support. This was for two main reasons:

  1. To fill the gap left by the closure of the local authority day centres that many of the people we support had attended for a long time.
  2. To ensure the support hours provided via Self Directed Support (SDS) could be used to greater effect.

With the alternative day service, we wanted to create a place where people were involved in meaningful pastimes that were beneficial emotionally, cognitively and physically. We sought funding to make these activities possible. One source was the National Lottery Awards for All programme, which enabled us to run the Healthy Living Project. This project ties into a range of existing regular activities that enable people to make a number of positive lifestyle choices, such as joining our weekly walking group.

We worked with the Bridgeton Community Learning Campus and the Community Payback Team to set up a Community Garden. Here, we were able to teach the skills required to grow your own vegetables from seeds. The whole garden was made accessible with paving access and raised beds, with seating added to create a pleasant outdoor environment in which people can relax.

This provided a good basis from which to support people to be involved in a healthy eating project, showing, for example, how to make healthy smoothies. This led to the production of a smoothie recipe book. We also discussed healthy diets and looked at different types of foods, how to cook them and handed out an easy recipe book full of cost effective healthy options. Each person we supported has a picture album and project book, showing how they were involved.

Outcomes Achieved

Cornerstone outcomes

How we went about measuring this

We used the following methods to measure how each individual met their outcomes:

  • Every supported person has their own outcomes framework. The outcomes framework is regularly reviewed by the person receiving support and their key worker on a monthly basis.
  • Participation in the local Task Group meetings. (A monthly meeting ran by the people we support where they discuss the good points and points that could be improved upon)
  • The Cornerstone suggestion box – A local suggestion box to enable ideas and suggestions to be taken forward related to service delivery.
  • Have your say – Cornerstone’s official quality of service questionnaire, which is sent out annually to everyone using our service.

The information provided is then reviewed by the local management team.

Have Your Say leaflets are reviewed at an organisational level and statistics and qualitative data generated. The statistics are then sent to Cornerstone’s Quality Manager on a yearly basis who looks at trends and progress made.

The manager of each service is responsible for auditing reviews to determine the extent to which people are meeting their desired outcomes and to ensure that people are receiving the support they need.

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