Business Resilience Survey 2020

The CCPS business resilience survey is an annual survey providing an overview of how third sector social care and support providers are doing based on a series of measures relating to general levels of optimism, finance, procurement and contracting and workforce issues.  The survey has been running since 2009 and this enables us to identify trends in organisational wellbeing and the impact of the economic, social and public policy environment in which our members operate.

2020’s Business Resilience Survey presents a very mixed picture. Sustainability of services has increased, but individual service deficits have increased again this year, restarting a trend that began in 2017 and seemed to have been paused in 2019.  Provider optimism is down, understandably enough, in the face of continued pressures and concerns about longer term sustainability once the costs of recovery are applied to budgets.

Read the full report here: Business Resilience Survey 2020