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Visiting in ‘assisted living’ or supported housing settings

The Scottish Government is aware of the difficulties and heartache experienced by people living in an ‘assisted living settings’ or supported housing who cannot meet with family / friends indoors under the national restrictions.  This is all the more difficult during the winter when outdoor meetings may not be possible either.  There are a couple of exemptions from the restrictions; these are a) being part of an extended household or being in a ‘bubble’ with a person or b) having carer status. By contrast care homes are exempt from the ban on visits and the care home visiting guidance applies.

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport has asked the CMO and CNO Clinical and Professional Advisory Group to look into this issue and provide advice on whether the regulations should be changed to permit visiting in supported accommodation settings. A short life working group has been established to consider the issues and provide recommendations.  Yvette Burgess from the Unit is taking part on the group and has been gathering information from a range of supported housing providers about the measures they are currently taking to help keep everyone safe and what steps they would need to take to facilitate visiting.