Pay uplift to £10.02 per hour from 1st December 2021

The Scottish Government has set out details for implementing the uplift to £10.02 per hour  in a letter dated 12/11/2021.  The uplift comes into effect from 1st December 2021 and the Scottish Government has confirmed that housing support staff are included within the scope of this uplift regardless of whether a service is commissioned by the HSCP or the LA.  HSCPs/LAs are expected to fund the uplift through contracts with providers before or during February 2022.  Funding for the uplift will be calculated on the basis of:

  • 71% of the contract value for residential care
  • 86% of the contract value for non-residential care

If you experience delays in being reimbursed for this uplift  the Unit can help to raise this at a national level – please contact