We’ll meet again… in the communal lounge Teviot Court, Eildon

Managing communal lounges in supported housing – updated guidance


COVID-19 guidance has been designating communal lounges in supported housing / sheltered housing as ‘public’ areas unless in a shared independent living setting.  A ‘public area’ required a responsible person ensuring compliance with COVID measures.  For this reason, many communal lounges in sheltered housing are only open when a member of staff is available to act as the ‘responsible person’ for COVID-19 purposes.

The Scottish Government has recently amended the guidance and removed a blanket requirement for a ‘responsible person’ to oversee communal lounges in sheltered housing and supported housing.  Instead, providers are advised to go to guidance designed for specific activities rather than specific types of space (eg hospitality or physical activities).  It is hoped that by doing so more communal lounges will be able available for tenants to use.

If you have any comments, feedback or queries please contact Yvette Burgess at the Unit as she will be meeting the Scottish Government to discuss the updated guidance on 6th October.