We’ll meet again… in the communal lounge Teviot Court, Eildon

Inspiring photos

The past year has brought varied days, challenges and emotions for everyone.  Yet, people have gotten through, and in some cases flourished.  We didn’t know what visuals would come from the photography competition this year.  The judges have picked some superb photographs from the many entries, that really tell a story of some of what has been going on and how people have coped during 2020.

You’ll see Amy and her exciting new home, now with painted fences and flowering plants.  There is Kyle cooking up culinary delights with new found skills.  Barbara on the other hand took to the beach, showing the benefits of being out in the fresh air close to home.  Natasha opted for horses rather than the beach.

Group photos are included from Teviot court with smiles, pipers and rainbows, and Dryden Street where seagull Cyril became the newest resident!

We hope you enjoy these as much as us, and want to thanks the people, organisations and judges who took part.

Well done to the individual winners:  Barbara Nelson – Key Housing, Natasha Taylor – Ark Housing, Kyle Wilkie – Ark Housing, & Amy Woods – Cosgrove Care

And the group winners:  Dryden Street – Hillcrest Futures, and Teviot Court – Eildon.

Winning Photo Brochure