Housing 2040 Route Map Published

The discussions for Housing 2040 started some time ago.  The 2018-19 Programme for Government made a commitment to plan together with stakeholders for the future of homes and communities, and how these should look and feel in 2040, as well as the steps needed to get there.  This new approach is all about encompassing the whole housing system, taking into account the people, place, environment and communities in which our homes, both new and old, are located.

However, with COVID-19 changing the timeline, the work was on hold for a while.  Therefore, we are pleased to see that the vision and the principles have now been released, mid March 2021.  Click the link below to have a read:


Topics in the Housing 2040 plans include an ageing population and the ways we live, how our homes function for / with us, the affordability of our homes and how our homes should and could meet our needs.

Read our Housing to 2040 briefing