No Place Like Home Photo Competition 2021

Winners announced!

The Housing Support Enabling Unit is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 No Place like Home photography competition!

As life slowly, but hopefully steadily, returns to a better normal, it’s a great time to reflect on the last year and the things that are most important to us: Home, Community and Wellbeing.  Throughout the last year, housing support services have continued to play a crucial role in helping people to find and stay in a safe and secure home, and pursue their interests.

The No Place Like Home Photo Competition is about celebrating the achievements and the experiences of people who receive housing support services in Scotland.  All housing support service users in Scotland are invited, with the help of their support workers, to put forward photographs representing one of three categories – home, community and wellbeing.

You can view the winning photographs and read about the context and motivation for creating them here.

If you need inspiration before working on an entry, a gallery of entries from past years is available to view on Flickr.