Energy Crisis Impacts for Supported and Sheltered Housing- SFHA Briefing

The SFHA has been gathering evidence about the ongoing impact of the energy crisis and has reported on the specific difficulties faced by people living in supported and sheltered housing and providers of these services.

On the 23rd of August, Nicola Sturgeon hosted an energy summit of representatives from the Scottish Government, energy companies and advice organisations. The summit focused on necessary next steps to be taken by the UK government and practical action to help households through the energy crisis. Following the summit, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations has been gathering information about the impact of the energy crisis on its members and has put together a briefing about the specific impact for supported and sheltered housing. Read more on the SFHA website.

While the energy crisis is affecting all consumers, there is evidence that suggests that social housing tenants living in supported or sheltered housing are more vulnerable to the impact of increasing energy costs. The SFHA is calling for immediate progress to resolve the practical barriers faced by housing associations and support for the most vulnerable in society.

SFHA Briefing – Energy Crisis Impacts for Supported and Sheltered Housing