Continued funding for the HSEU and a message from the Unit’s Chair

The Scottish Government has agreed funding of the HSEU for a further year.

Housing Support Enabling Unit

Amanda Miller, Director of Community Services Eildon Housing Association and Chair of the Unit’s Executive Committee has warmly welcomed this news and says, ‘over the last couple of years the Unit has helped the housing support / supported housing sector to deal with many challenges faced during the pandemic.  Moving forward, there is likely to be fundamental change in the way social care is planned and delivered as we continue to recover from the pandemic as well as prepare for opportunities coming through the introduction of the  National Care Service. The Unit has an important role in promoting housing support as a way of achieving better outcomes for people with support needs.’

The Unit is jointly hosted by the Coalition of Care and Support Providers Scotland and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations. You can find out more about the work of the Unit here.