Voluntary Sector Recruitment Working Group

Welcome to the VSRWG pages. Here you will find updates from the group activities, information and sharing from workshops and events as well as updates from national policy and actions. For more details  on information on these pages please contact: Alison Christie

The VSRWG members agreed to change the name of the group and all subsequent branding to Because Scotland Cares 

Remote and rural recruitment


A short solutions-focussed open workshop was held on the 22nd of November 2019. It was well attended by 21 wide-ranging participants including SSSC representatives.

The aim of the session was to surface and prioritise actions that could be taken to respond to the growing shortage of carers in the remote and rural areas [in the context of voluntary sector social care providers delivering registered services]. The group identified forces that help and hinder remote and rural recruitment and then prioritised them to explore the related obstacles ideas of five factors within the session in self-selected groups.  Each group then identified two next step actions (10 next steps identified in total).

These next steps are tabled into a simple action plan, see below, that can be revisited and shared beyond the group as well as monitor progress against the actions.

remote and rural workshop outcomes- actions agreed

Workforce what? podcasts

The first podcast a discussion with Nichola Hattie about workforce planning is available here:


Let us know what you think of this format and whether podcasts are a useful way of providing information about a topic.

Scottish Government Adult Social Care Recruitment Campaign


In early 2020 Scottish Government will launch a national recruitment campaign aimed at frontline workers in adult social care. The campaign will launch on 27th January and run for eight weeks. CCPS recommended a national campaign in response to the Recruitment and retention in the social services workforce commissioned by Scottish Government in 2016 and the WDN is delighted to have been part of the campaign advisory group. Scottish Government has published an overview of the campaign. National Recruitment Campaign for Social Care

Safer Recruitment, applications and references


As part of ongoing work around the recruitment process a cross sectoral workshop was held recently and included representatives from Care Inspectorate, SSSC, Scottish Care and SPDS. The long term aim is to ensure that the sector keeps abreast of the changing legislation and needs and expectations of the workforce whilst maintaining safe recruitment. A report from the workshop will be published and made available for comment on the outputs and an opportunity to contribute to agreeing future actions. A small voluntary sector working group developed a Reference Template for discussion on the day and this is now available for comment from the wider sector.

If you would like to comment/ discuss please contact: Alison.Christie@ccpscotland.org or  or Liz MacKay: lizmackay@CarrGomm.org

Logo Competition

UPDATE 9/12/19

Because Scotland Cares (BSC) is a collaboration of voluntary sector providers of social services working together to address some of the recruitment challenges facing the sector. The group has agreed shared branding and social media use to raise the profile of the sector as an employer. We can a competition for the official BSC logo for all promotional materials and we have now identified the winning logo!

Thanks to Cole AD for their support with this.  A lunchtime event to launch joint social media and our logo was held on the 30th of October. Logo media packs are being developed for members to use.

Future recruitment into the sector: A Joint Website?

The group are interested in and investigating developing a single entry website for frontline voluntary sector social care jobs and careers- gathering together the roles and providing an informative,  friendly, appealing narrative about the sector, what it is like to work with us and the kinds of frontline work we do. This site would be for the public (including careers/employment services) as a single easy access point converting interest into applications. This would work alongside national Because Scotland Cares social media and branding work. Feedback has been the multiple sites, in sector and cross sector competition, ‘white noise’, euphemistic language and negative image and messaging is causing us all to lose out. It closed on the 30th September 2019.

UPDATE 9/12/19: This survey closed and was followed up by a collaborative workshop showing significant interest in moving forward with the joint entry point website. A summary report is now available here: Collaboration workshop for single website report 2019   along with Appendix 3 – initial website survey (pre-workshop) showing the results of the pre-workshop survey.

Slides from the workshop session http://bit.ly/becausescotlandcares

Events Programme September- December 2019

A variety of events and workshops have been held in the second half of 2019 and a few additional events will be scheduled for early 2020. The topics and areas of focus are in response to suggestions and requests from the BSC meetings. Here is the 2019 programme: Because_Scotland_Cares programme 2019 updated 18 oct

CLOSED- An especially warm welcome to come along to our remote and rural discussion being facilitated by Kinharvie on the 12th of November! No Eventbrite for this. 12.30-2pm at Key Housing, Renton Square, G4 0HT Glasgow. More information can be found here: Remote and rural- facilitated discussion. Session write up to follow.

CLOSED- We also have a ‘How to session’: Marketing- tricks of the trade to make messages impact in Edinburgh on the 27th of November. It’s fascinating- book fast! This session is specifically for third sector social care providers seeking to develop their recruitment and employer brand messaging and marketing. Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-session-marketing-tricks-of-the-trade-to-make-messages-impact-tickets-77268513203


We have organisations from all around Scotland as group members and we warmly welcome enquiries about meetings and joining. Contacts: