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Step into Leadership survey

SSSC is seeking feedback and views to inform future developments of the Step into Leadership website. A short survey is open until 26th March and is available here

Leadership Capabilities and Step into Leadership Resources

The review of the strategy also recognised that members like, and are using, the 6 leadership capabilities therefore these are unchanged. These support the evidence required in leadership knowledge, skills and values which are detailed in National Occupational Standards (NOS) such as the Leadership and Management for Care Services NOS and other practice standards.  The 6 leadership capabilities will be a focus of the next three years with development in different services areas to bring these alive and identify descriptors which better reflect the work undertaken.  The six leadership capabilities have been adopted in areas of the health service:

  • vision
  • self-leadership
  • motivating and inspiring
  • empowering others
  • collaborating and influencing
  • creativity and innovation.

At the heart of the SSSC’s leadership development activity is the Step into Leadership website. It provides access to tools and resources to help workers, managers, strategic leaders and people who use services explore the concept of leadership at all levels and develop their own leadership capability, whatever their role in social services. It invites people to plan their own leadership pathway, and use the leadership capabilities as a basis for their leadership learning.  It has a range of different resources to offer support in everyday work including the Coaching Learning Resource, an appreciative rather than a deficit approach, and suggests a range of coaching techniques http://www.stepintoleadership.info/coaching.html.  In addition there is a Supervision resource; a direct request from the voluntary sector and has nine sections to work on: http://www.stepintoleadership.info/supervision.html .

Leadership Exchange

Leadership Exchanges promote a commitment to collaboration, with knowledge sharing and practice development being of particular importance.

If you or your organisation would like to get involved please watch the videos to see how other organisations and individuals have benefited: http://www.acosvo.org.uk/leadership-exchange-about

Alternatively contact Phil Wetton who will provide the information you need to decide whether this is right for you and your organisation: phil.wetton@acosvo.org.uk

There is also more information on the developments and activities please follow updates through twitter @SSSCLeadership

Leadership for Integration

Aimed at senior health and social care professionals working in localities or health and social care partnerships to reshape, deliver and integrate care the programme has two elements:

You as a Collaborative Leader

Aimed at individuals helping them to recognise their own leadership strengths and source of resilience.

Collaborative Leadership in Practice

Aimed at pairs, trios or clusters of health and social care professional encouraging collaborative work on the delivery of a locality- oriented project or solution that supports integration.

If you are interested in finding out more contact Susan.Nevill@sssc.uk.com

We want to hear from you

If you are already successfully using the leadership capabilities (or other tools to develop leadership capacity) or this is new to you or your organisation and wish to hear more, we encourage you log onto the Step into Leadership website through the link above and explore how this has been used or to share your experiences of the website. There is also access to guidance on capturing practice examples, available on request from:  leadership@sssc.uk.com

For guidance on the use of Step into Leadership or to share your experience of it please contact  leadership@sssc.uk.com