Leadership Learning and Improvement Forum

Ongoing discussion about the future format of these meetings  supports the idea that the group will be more self-supporting and that a less ‘formal’ format would be  appropriate – i.e. No agenda, chair, mins etc.

With this in mind the group agreed that a format based loosely round the principles of Action Learning Sets would be the way forward.

Briefly this will involve

  • One person bringing a ‘wicked issue’
  • The group listening  , without interruption, to the person presenting their issue
  • The use of open questions to gather more data
  • The group discussing potential options whilst the presenter listens in
  • Actions being identified that may offer change
  • The group is updated at the next meeting as to the impact /outcomes of the actions

People felt that this would offer the insights and support that people value most about being in a space with colleagues from across sectors and also supports the group getting to know more about the skills held within the group. 


Members felt that the Leadership Reference Group was no longer fit for purpose as the name of the group.  It was discussed that in order for people to be released to attend it was also important to keep a name that organisations/managers would recognise value in . The outcome of this was  Leadership Learning and Improvement Forum

The next meeting of the Forum will be 25th February 2020 at the Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow from 10:30- 13:00. Lunch will be provided.

Leadership Reference Group – Terms of Reference – May 2018

The Group Agenda and previous  Minutes will be posted here in advance of the meetings.

If you would like further information or would like to join please contact Alison Christie: Alison.Christie@ccpscotland.org