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Here you will find information on leadership activity, resources and events as well as the updated Leadership Strategy.

There is also a page dedicated to the work of the Leadership Reference Group; quarterly meetings for providers facilitating the sharing of ideas and showcasing organisations’ leadership activity.

A Strategy for enhancing the leadership capability of Scotland’s Social Services

In 2010, CCPS and key partners came together to develop and implement the strategy for leadership development which is now detailed in the Strategy for building leadership capacity in Scotland’s social services 2013-2015. This work was carried out in collaboration with, and the involvement of, our members, their employees, people using services and carers.  It was informed by Leading Together research undertaken by Stirling University and published in 2010.

It highlighted that if we are to really transform and develop services to be person centred, tailored to meet individual need alongside dealing with the future challenges of welfare reform, policy changes such as integration of health and social care, recognising the importance of dispersed leadership at all levels in the social service sector is vital.

The leadership Strategy was evaluated in 2015/16 and involved a review of the developments and activities undertaken, how this has been adopted across the different member organisations and how it impacted on services. Further research, Enabling leadership, was undertaken again by Stirling University to identify what good leadership looks like in Scotland’s social services.

This evaluation and research was used to inform and refresh the strategy and develop a plan to further build on the success and story so far; Enhancing leadership capability: The strategy for enhancing the leadership capability of Scotland’s social services: Delivery plan 2017-2020 The refreshed strategy and research was launched at an event in December 2016, led by the Scottish Social Services Leadership Strategy Group, involving CCPS, and this sets out how leadership will be further developed across the sector and aims to build the implementation plan in the to support  leadership development in Scotland’s social services in the coming years.

It acknowledges that as social services recognise the need for more tailored services to deliver personal outcomes, ensuring that people using services are involved and contribute. There is a need to recognise and develop frontline workers, managers and strategic leaders to understand, develop and use their leadership capability to contribute to service design/ redesign.

This will build qualities and skills in people using services increasing their confidence and better able to influence the design and delivery of the services they use.

Strategy for building leadership capacity in Scotland’s social services 2013- 15