The CCPS Digital Programme supports members’ adoption of digital technology across the organisation, in the workforce, and with people who use services.  We have three objectives:

  • increase CCPS members’ individual capacity to understand and adopt digital technology and showcase innovation in our sector
  • increase CCPS members’ capacity to engage with each other in developing shared digital solutions
  • increase CCPS members’ capacity to engage with and influence statutory partners’ digital strategic planning, including specifically the work of the Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Strategy and the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government

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We have three detailed work plans focused on the following themes:

  1. Developing and sharing knowledge re the wider digital environment via events and joint activities:
    • data – exploring our use of data and better data sharing – linking in with the Data Lab, ISD, Mydex, DHCI and others
    • cyber resilience – links with SCVO, the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Unit and the Third Sector Cyber Resilience Action Plan, and a cyber helpline supported by CCPS cyber catalysts (link to?)
    • technology enabled care – showcasing innovative use of technology with service users
    • digital transformation/evolution – supporting the process of organisational change through leadership and culture change
    • service design – promoting best practice in service design incorporating digital technology, linking with the Scottish Government’s Scottish Approach to Service Design
    • sharing innovation with UK/Europe – linking with the Scottish Government’s programme of international knowledge exchange


  1. Gartner Research Recommendations – we commissioned research from Gartner to identify a baseline measure of digital maturity among CCPS members and suggest actions to enhance the digital transformation agenda. Recommendations include:
    • Identifying ways of sharing best practice and information on digital systems (working group#1)
    • Collaboration on development of new tools and systems (e.g. post-Carista) (working group #2)


  1. Workforce related – members consistently highlight the challenges and opportunities of developing a more digitally knowledgeable and engaged workforce. We will help members:
    • Share best practice (digital workforce group)
    • Develop a care and support digital champions pilot, building on the resources and experience of both the SCVO digital champions programme and the work of CCPS members and others in the wider sector

The detailed work plans are available on request.

Ways you can get involved

  1. Join our email reference group – it is a growing network of members interested in digital tech, who share ideas and provide suggestions and information to help shape our activities and support our strategic influencing role.


  1. Participate in our range of events – including the Digital Health and Care Fest Conference 20-21 November 2019


  1. Join one of our current working groups:

Gartner Working group #1

 Gartner Working group #2

Digital workforce group

 External Resources

SCVO – including their Digital Participation Charter (commit to a digitally skilled Scotland); digital champions training; Cyber Essentials Grant , and senior leaders digital programme

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care

Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit

National Cyber Security Centre – for information on cyber risks (cisp), tools for cyber strategies at board level, incident management and staff training top tips, among other useful resources.

Past events

Cyber Resilience Workshops 1& 2 – summer 2019

These workshops were aimed at members considering or in the process of obtaining cyber resilience accreditation, including Cyber Essentials (CE), CE Plus and ISO 27001.

We have slides and video content for review by members who were unable to attend the sessions.  Get in touch if you would like to catch up on these events.


Paul McCrory on Cyber Essentials


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