Public Bodies (Joint Working) Scotland Act

The Public Bodies bill was passed into law on 25th February 2014 and received royal assent on 1 April 2014.  The Scottish Government has published a timeline for implementation.

CCPS collaborated with a number of third sector organisations to push for clarity on the role of the third sector in the new integration partnerships and strategic and locality planning processes.  While the Public Bodies Act remains unclear on this issue, the Scottish Government has provided assurances through policy statements that the third sector will be involved in these processes.

CCPS continues to work with sector partners and the Scottish Government to influence the regulations and guidance that will flesh out the basic structure provided in the Act.  CCPS remains a member of the Integration of Health and Social Care Bill Advisory Group, which is set to continue specifically to provide advice on the drafting of the regulations and guidance.  CCPS also remains a member of the Scottish Government’s Health and Community Care Delivery Group, and has a representative on the Integration of Health and Social Care Clinical and Care Governance Group.  Regular progress reports are circulated to CCPS members and other interested stakeholders.

It is looking very likely that local Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) will play a key representative role in relation to the new integration authorities. This role was developed by TSIs in relation to the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) initiative, where they took the lead in providing a voice for the third sector within RCOP partnerships and strategic planning groups.  CCPS is working with a number of TSIs and national intermediary organisations, including Voluntary Action Scotland, the Alliance and SCVO, to develop links between providers and TSIs with the aim of supporting the sector’s capacity to influence the integration agenda, and strategic commissioning in particular.