redesigning sleepovers

Overnight support for people covers a range of different needs and tasks. These include:

  • Support e.g. where a person has a significant mental health problem or learning disability that means it is difficult for them to be alone overnight.)
  • Reassurance where a person needs a call/conversation to reassure or to check in at times during the night.
  • Practical help  e.g. with taking medication, going to the toilet, changing incontinence pads, turning in bed.
  • Safety and security -e.g. where a person has dementia and might wander out of the house at night.

Any redesign of support needs to be based on the person’s needs and outcomes. It shouldn’t be based on affordability or imposing a single ‘convenient’ solution on a varied group of people.  In January 2017 a group of providers met to develop a practical approach to overnight support redesign.