Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform

The Welfare Reform Act received royal assent in the UK on 8 March 2012. However, the Scottish Parliament was required to ratify elements of a Legislative Consent Memorandum to enact certain parts of the UK Welfare Reform Act in Scotland.

A Welfare Reform Committee was created by the Scottish Parliament to keep under review the passage of the UK Welfare Reform Bill and monitor its implementation as it affects welfare provision in Scotland, and to consider relevant Scottish legislation and other consequential arrangements.

CCPS has been considering the impact of welfare reform upon Scotland’s care and support providers, as well as the people they support; the results of which can be viewed in the following joint CCPS/HSEU submission to the Scottish Government’s Expert Working Group on Welfare reform and within the following CCPS briefing for care and support providers on the changes proposed by the Welfare Reform Act.


A Welfare Reform event was held on 4 December 2013 in Edinburgh, with guest speakers from CPAG Scotland, Shelter Scotland and the Expert Working Group on Welfare Reform. For more details about the content of the event, you can download the presentation slides.

From January – April 2014, CCPS has been working in conjunction with IRISS on an ESRC-funded project to understand and investigate the impact of the government’s Welfare Reform Act (2012) on social services in Scotland. In particular, the project is concerned with the potential impacts of reform on service demand and delivery for third sector social and housing care providers. The project has been investigating how changes to welfare are impacting on service delivery, and how this could influence the roles that staff are expected to perform.

A workshop was held on 23 April 2014 to further explore concerns from the workforce and consider what recommendations could be added to the forthcoming report that will be produced at the conclusion of the project. The report is currently being finalised and, once ready, will be disseminated to CCPS members and will also be added to this page.

Mapping the Cuts

The Financial Times newspaper has an online feature, the Austerity Audit, which maps the impact of welfare cuts upon local economies across the UK, and allows a postcode search to find specific geographical data. The data which underpins the online feature is taken in part from the research paper produced by Sheffield Hallam University for the Scottish Parliamentary Welfare Reform Committee.

The Guardian newspaper currently tracks public sector cuts across the UK (including Scotland). To view this map, please follow this link.  The Guardian journalist Patrick Butler also has a cuts blog that mainly focuses on England and Wales but occasionally includes stories from Scotland.

As noted above, CCPS is also mapping cuts within its own membership through its regular provider optimism survey and keeps a watching brief on this issue.