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COVID-19 – additional costs

Providers face a range of additional costs in the COVID-19 period. These include costs related to PPE, cleaning, and staffing.  Integrated Joint Boards (IJBs)  were awarded an initial tranche of funding in May with further allocations in August to reflect the costs of responding to COVID.

Despite the clear political committment to providing funding during the pandemic, it has been difficult for providers to secure funds. Processing delays; highly variable, and sometimes disproportionate evidence requirements and disuptes about eligible costs continue to slow the flow of funding.

Key guidance

Please note to claim costs for COVID-19 related costs and under the Social Care Support Fund providers should use the template issued by the relevant local authority area.

If you are having problems claiming COVID-19 related costs or have not heard from your local authority please contact Catherine or Dee.

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page updated 4 September 2020