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We realise you are very busy dealing with COVID-19 so we have put together a private forum where you can post questions, share issues, get advice and share resources. This is the best place to go for the most up to date resources.

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Provider issues


The UK Coronavirus Act (2020) (see the Legislative Consent Memorandum for a discussion of how this applies to Scotland) and the Coronavirus Scotland Act (2020) have now been passed. These provisions in these Acts are temporary and are reviewed regularly.

Key changes include:

  1. Relaxation in the duty to assess under the Social Work (Scotland) Act,1986 meaning care and support can be put in place quickly. Read the statutory guidance. 
  2. Changes to recruitment and registration designed to bring people quickly into the social care and social work workforces.
  3. Changes to criminal justice practice. More information and guidance from our colleagues at CJVSF.
  4. Powers to change practice related to mental health and incapacity (much of this is not in operation yet) Read the up to date guidance from the MWC here. 
  5. Changes to housing  Read more here.