Call for posters!

Do you have a solution or idea that you want to share?

Posters allow us to communicate in a visual way. In our jobs (and definitely at conferences) many of us spend a lot of time listening and talking and listening again and we can stop taking in information and ideas through sheer exhaustion! A poster session allows an informal space for people to take in new ideas and discuss them with each other.

What should my poster be about?

We’re looking for any solutions, ideas, ways of working that challenge our current approach to planning and purchasing in social care. These can be about any aspect of purchasing, organising, planning and providing support including:

  • Collaborating and co-producing
  • Increasing trust between the different parts of the system
  • Increasing choice and control for supported people
  • Sustainability
  • Financial approaches
  • Making existing procurement/commissioning processes better
  • Upholding human rights in processes and approaches
  • Reducing bureaucracy and making support more accessible
  • Making better use of information and data

These can either be projects you are already working on or that idea you keep thinking about that hasn’t quite made it to the light of day.

I’m in.. .what do I do?!

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Photograph courtesy of:

Alice Achterhof