Make the Change: Cross Sectoral Leadership in Community Justice

Making the Change was a year-long cross-sectoral action learning programme led by the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum in collaboration with Community Justice Scotland.

The programme built on the work of the Strengthening Engagement Transition Project to develop leadership in achieving community justice outcomes. This report presents learning from their journey to explore key challenges and opportunities for change in the community justice sector in Scotland.


To mark the publication of the report, the Making the Change participants have published the following statement:


Making the Change was a yearlong action-learning programme, which brought together leaders from across the community justice sector.  Led by the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum and Community Justice Scotland, it was designed to build capacity for local collaborative leadership and learning throughout community justice.

In March 2020, we held an open event to share learning from the programme with the wider community justice sector. Since then, the sector and the entire criminal justice system has been profoundly affected by COVID-19.  

Whilst adjusting to living and working in these new conditions we have been reflecting on learning from the Making the Change programme and compiling our final programme report, which we are delighted to share with you today.

What is apparent is the continued relevance and importance of the central themes contained in this report:

  • how best to adapt and respond to change
  • how effective collaborative leadership can help affect change in a complex system
  • using evidence and data to inform decision-making
  • ensuring commitment to involving people and communities at every stage.  

The Making the Change report provides a framework and some practical tips for action that seem even more relevant at this time. The adaptations and innovative responses, which have been required in recent weeks, have shown that barriers to change can be overcome and significant change can happen at pace. As we move from day by day responses to longer-term strategy and planning, we hope the report can provide you with some inspiration and ideas for action as we continue to change and adapt to new ways of working in the coming weeks and months.

We hope to hold a follow up event, at some point down the line, to discuss the report and hear about the changes being made as a response to the crisis and for the long term.


The Making the Change group


You can access the report by clicking on this link:

Make the Change – June 2020