Health and Social Care in Prisons Programme Board and Workstreams

CJVSF has been invited to join the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care in Prisons Programme Board and the following workstreams.

Programme Board

The Board has been established with the aim of removing structural barriers to the delivery of better health and social care to prison population.

The Group is chaired by the Scottish Government Director of Population Health.  Membership of the Health and Social Care in Prisons Programme Board comprises of individuals representing organisations who have a role in enabling and supporting the delivery of effective health and social care within prisons.

To support the work of the Board, four workstreams have been established to address a range of strategic and structural issues that require national leadership.  CJVSF is represented on the following workstreams:

Quality, Outcomes, Improvement Workstream

The aim of the Quality, Outcomes and Improvement workstream is to develop defined outcomes and associated indicators for the heath of people in prison and health and social care delivery and the transition of their care in and out of prison.

Health and Social Care Integration Workstream

The aim of the workstream is to develop models for health and social care integration in Prisons which are underpinned by best practice, legal, financial and organisational structures.

Further details about the programme can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.