The CJVSF Training and Development Group was established to bring together training and development professionals within CJVSF member organisations to share learning and collaborate on areas of common interest.   The group has the following objectives:

  • To map training needs and activities across CJVSF member organisations, in order to identify areas where skills needs/ gaps currently exist
  • To use the mapping exercise results to identify relevant opportunities for collaborating on training and development activities
  • To network and build relationships with individuals undertaking similar roles across CJVSF member organisations.

Following the completion of the mapping work, CJVSF members developed two pieces of collaborative work:

  • a Collaborative Induction Training Programme
  • a Shared Learning Programme

Further details about each of these are provided below.

Collaborative Induction Training Programme

The group identified a number of common core knowledge and skills areas where they are looking to develop their criminal justice workforce.   They therefore decided to bring together their collective resources and influence to develop a shared Induction Training Programme, which will strengthen core knowledge and skills across the sector and encourage debate about how to improve practice.

The first module was developed and tested in 2016 and ran again in 2017.  It comprised two sessions: Day One provides an introduction to Adult Criminal Justice and Day Two covers Youth Justice.  The training involved collaborative inputs from CJVSF members and a number of partner agencies, including the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ), Police Scotland, the Scottish Prison Service (SPS), Children’s Hearing Scotland and the Prison Visitor Centre Network.

The modules provide a high level introduction and the programme seeks to draw on the expertise across partners by making linkages to existing external resources/training activities where further, more in-depth training opportunities are identified that can supplement learning

Shared Learning Programme

The objectives of this Shared Learning Programme are to:

  • Raise awareness of the subject matter and the role of different CJVSF organisations
  • Test out a new, more collaborative approach to training provision amongst CJVSF members.

During the group’s discussions, it became apparent to the group members that there were a number of training days being run by the different CJVSF member organisations that could be opened up to other providers.  A protocol for accessing shared learning was drafted and the Shared Learning Programme has been running since 2016/17, with contributions from a range of CJVSF members.

Both of these training programmes are open to staff from all CJVSF member organisations and are free for members to attend.  If you are a CJVSF member and would like to book a place,  please contact us for further details and a booking form.  If your organisation is not yet a member of CJVSF and would be interested in joining, please contact us for further details and an application form.