4 Steps to Fair Work Campaign


This campaign has ended; it ran from June to October 2023

Read the blog below from our CEO Rachel Cackett for reflections on the campaign and next steps

Welcome to the 4 Steps to Fair Work Campaign

Scotland’s not-for-profit social care sector is beyond crisis. Every day, our member organisations feel the impact that a Scottish Government-funded base rate of pay of just £10.90 per hour is having on staff and services.Many staff are leaving the workforce for better paid jobs elsewhere. New staff are not being recruited. The result? A loss of expertise and potential talent, and a massive undermining of key services – all of which jeopardises support for those who need it most.Our campaign aims to ensure that social care and support workers begin to be properly rewarded and recognised; and the people they support can thrive by getting the support they need at the right times and in the right places.

We’re asking everyone who wants to see Fair Work for social care staff in Scotland to share our 4 Steps to Fair Work and influence the government to step up for social care.

Join us in this journey and add your voice to our campaign.

Campaign illustrations by Ross Richardson

The 4 Steps to Fair Work 

We’re asking the Scottish Government to take 4 Steps so that social care staff in Scotland can experience Fair Work. They are:

  • Deal with pay inequality: As a first step, implement the promise of a minimum of £12 per hour for social care staff, starting from 1 April 2023.
  • Ensure equal pay for equal work: Apply pay uplifts to staff in all services, not just those in registered adult social care.
  • Value all staff who play their part: Deliver funding packages that value the crucial role of support staff and managers, alongside frontline workers.
  • Give us hope of equality: Publish a timetable by this September to deliver fully on Fair Work in Social Care by 2025.

Campaign Introduction Video by Rachel Cackett, Chief Executive of CCPS

Ways to get involved

Contact Your Local MSP

We want to ensure that MSPs can hear from you about why Fair Work for social care staff is a priority.Download this message and attach it to your email so they can:

  • Be more informed about the impact of the current £10.90 rate on staff and services, and talk about Fair Work in parliament
  • Organise a visit with a service delivering social care in their constituency
  • Read and share our campaign calls and content

Social care needs to be championed for its crucial role in supporting people to realise their right to independence, their connection with the people and places that matter to them, their wellbeing, and their ability to participate in work, school and community.  We know that MSPs will want to speak up on this vital issue, and on behalf of their constituents.


Share your voice on Social Media

  • Share the campaign on Social Media
  • Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated and engage with us
  • Use campaign hashtags: #4StepsToFairWork and #StepChangeInSocialCare

Media Enquiries

Through the campaign we want to engage with the media, sharing stories and evidence about how lack of Fair Work is affecting social care providers, and the people they support. We’ll work with our members to give them a voice and communicate what Scottish Government must do to change the status quo.

Please contact our comms team if you have an enquiry about the campaign or would like to request a comment.

Campaign Visual Assets

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Campaign Videos

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Background Information and data on Fair Work

2022 Social Care Benchmarking Report

Social care and support providers in Scotland are struggling with a loss of staff, with an average of 52% of those moving jobs last year leaving the social care sector altogether, according to a new report.

In the study of workforce benchmarking in the sector, almost three quarters of surveyed organisations reported a significant rise in staff turnover in 2021-22.

Seventy-three per cent of organisations delivering social care said their staff turnover rate had increased since 2020-21 – a jump of 14% in a single year and an indication of year-on-year rises in social care staff moving jobs.

Responses captured in the 2022 Social Care Benchmarking Report demonstrate the scale of sector-wide recruitment, retention and staffing challenges organisations are experiencing now.

The Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland (CCPS) and the HR Voluntary Sector Forum (HRVSF) commissioned the University of Strathclyde to conduct the benchmarking survey and analysis for member organisations.

The Executive Summary of the report is available to download here and a media release reflecting on the report can be viewed here.


Community Integrated Care Unfair to Care report

A 2022 report by Community Integrated Care, one of the UK’s largest social care charities and a CCPS member organisation (Scotland), examined the pay gap between social care and support workers and their NHS equivalents (Band 3 Healthcare Assistants).

Community Integrated Care published a Scottish supplement of the report in March 2023. It identified that, following the pay deal from the Scottish Government securing a 6.5% pay rise for comparable roles in the NHS, the disparity between social care and NHS equivalent roles will grow from 21% to 24% or £5,164 a year. 


Pay gap between social care workers and equivalent NHS band 3 staff

In February 2023 we published a graph showing the gap between a third sector support worker salary funded by Scottish Government and their NHS equivalent:

Blogs and Resources

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