Board & Staff

CCPS Board

The CCPS board is elected from the membership annually in September. Currently, the CCPS board is:

  • Andrea Wood, Key (Convener)
  • Ron Culley, Quarriers (Vice-convener)
  • Angela Bonomy, Sense Scotland
  • Hazel Brown, Cornerstone
  • Viv Dickenson, Crossreach
  • Lynne Douglas, Bield Housing and Care
  • Sue Freeth, VSA
  • Louise Hunter, Who Cares? Scotland
  • Sally Ann Kelly, Aberlour
  • Lorraine McGrath, Simon Scotland
  • Doug Moyes, Blackwood
  • Neil Richardson, Turning Point Scotland
  • Karen Sheridan, Community Integrated Care
  • Austen Smyth, The Richmond Fellowship

There are 6 formal sub-committees of the CCPS board (chairs of these committees are automatically co-opted as CCPS board members unless they’re already elected board members):

  • Housing Support Enabling Unit Executive Committee, chaired by Amanda Miller of Eildon HA.
  • Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum Executive Committee, chaired by Annie Mauger-Thompson of Sacro
  • Committee on Care and Support for Children and Young People, chaired by Mary Glasgow, Children 1st  but represented on the Board by SallyAnn Kelly
  • Committee on Adult Social Care Reform, chaired by Hazel Brown, Cornerstone.
  • Committee on National Care Service, chaired by Ron Culley, Quarriers
  • The Digital Committee, chaired by Sam Smith of C-Change.

CCPS Staff

  • Rachel Cackett – Chief Executive Officer
  • Simon Webster – Director of Policy Programmes
  • Alison Christie –  Policy Programmes Lead (Workforce)
  • Kristy Lambert – Policy & Project Officer (Workforce)
  • Kyle Hylan-Corcoran – Policy & Project Officer (Workforce)
  • Megan Williams – Policy Programmes Lead (Digital and Children & Young People)
  • Marcia Geiger  – Policy & Project Officer (Digital)
  • Catherine Garrod – Programme Manager (Commissioning and Procurement)
  • Olivia Mann – Policy & Project Officer (Commissioning and Procurement)
  • Yvette Burgess – HSEU Director
  • Fraser White – Better Futures and Information Officer (HSEU)
  • Emma Mathews – Policy & Information Officer (HSEU)
  • Laura Mulcahy – Policy Programmes Lead (CJVSF)
  • Eilidh Shearer – Policy & Project Officer (CJVSF and Reform Policy)
  • Jen Goff – Policy and Projects Officer (National Social Care Resilience and Reform)
  • Chris Small – Head of Communications and Engagement
  • Ala Suboh – Communications Development Project Officer
  • Anna Tully – Communications and Parliamentary Officer
  • Caroline Scott – Resources Manager
  • Nadine Cassidy – Administrative Officer

For details of how to contact CCPS staff, please go to the Contacts page