CWC the whole system- 21st September 2016

This workshop focussed on the whole system and how cuts and efficiencies in one area can impact other areas of social care (and beyond.) The event began with a whole system overview of public money, how it is created and where ‘austerity- comes from.  Our speaker Richard Taylor is a member of Positive Money a movement that argues that our approach to money drives  societal issues such as the debt driven economy; unaffordable housing and deepening inequalities.

We moved from the whole system to the social care system with a useful presentation from John Lincoln from Audit Scotland. John  took us through the main findings from the 2016 Audit Scotland report on Social Work in Scotland.

We then closed with a discussion on potential solutions beyond ‘doing more with less’. Drawn from a range of thinkers, writers and practitioners the solutions ranged from minor improvements to radical change- generating lively discussion! Downloadable discussion cards and the discussion guide are available below.